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Public schools are our heritage.

Don't let politicians take them away.


For nearly 200 years, Texas public schools have given kids a chance to achieve their dreams. They've made this state what it is today.

Our mission is to ensure that politicians and bureaucrats in Austin don't take that same chance away from this, or any, generation of Texans to come.

Real Men of Genius

In 2016, Governor Abbott put Mike Morath in charge of the Texas Education Agency.

Every year since, Mike's talked about raising teacher pay. So, with a historic shortage in 2022, did he finally get it done?  


No, sir. He sat back and formed another task force, instead. Genius!

Teacher Pay

Someone should tell Governor Abbott there’s nothing controversial about paying teachers a living wage.

Don’t take our word for it—even Joe Rogan can get behind this one.

American Wages

Texas teachers are quitting because they make $13,000 less than the national average.


As a result, schools are forced to import teachers willing to work for less.


Tell Gov. Abbott: We can hire American teachers if we pay American wages.

Greg Abbott Elementary

Tonight, on an all-new Greg Abbott Elementary…

  • There’s a staffing shortage.

  • We rank 43rd in spending.

  • Our teachers barely make money.

Even as Gov. Abbott continues to underpay and scapegoat teachers, they keep working hard for our kids. Because being a teacher is more than a job—it’s a calling.

Governor Abbott has a plan to ruin our public schools—vouchers.


He says that the free market produces better results.


But you don't have to take our word for it—the facts prove otherwise.

Take Your Stand

Teacher of the Year

This is Jon—a lifelong Texan, a small business owner, and a teacher.


But he was forced out of the classroom because our leaders are unwilling to pay educators their worth.


We need guys like Jon in the classroom. We need to pay our teachers.

Bigger is better… right?


Everyone knows 43 is bigger than 1, and thanks to Greg Abbott,  Texas is now 43rd in school funding!


Good job, Greg!

Bigger Is Better

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